Artiga LT has been established by experienced professionals coming from construction and maritime industries in Lithuania and the Netherlands. Currently, Artiga LT is a fast-growing company with a focus on Marine, Industry & Offshore, Construction and Renewable Energy sectors, either it’s repair/refurbishment, or completely newly built objects. We always offer our clients flexible and all-around project management solutions – from projects with the fixed price to works at an agreed hourly rate.

Our goal is to be one of the strongest players in our main marine and construction sectors. We are also making strong progress for industry and renewable sectors. Our goals for the future are huge, and we hope that we are going towards with our partners.

Choosing Artiga LT means that personal service and professional knowledge are combined to the best possible conditions to create successful projects.

The goal of our team is to provide services of the highest quality. We pay particular attention to the needs of our customer. However, we also strive to comply with all technical and work safety standards, we pay particular attention to the safety and health of our employees. We never stop learning and developing, the quality of our services improves every day.

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To discover and implement top-quality solutions with optimal costs, ensuring flexible scheduling, work safety and sustainable development.


To become a competitive company in our field, which provides only top-quality and professional services while meeting the customers’ needs and creating an attractive and safe environment for our employees.