Artiga provides a wide range of solutions of vessel interior installation and interior solutions in the construction sector, repair and refurbishment services, insulation and installation of HVAC systems, painting and blasting services. In addition, Artiga provides services of selection and recruitment of skilled and unskilled staff. We always offer our clients flexible and all-around project management solutions – from projects with fixed prices to works at an agreed hourly rate.


The goal of our team is to provide services of highest quality. We pay particular attention to the needs of our customer; however, we also strive to comply with all technical and work safety standards. We never stop learning and developing; thus the quality of our services always improves.


Artiga continually and successfully carries out the projects of vessel interior installation and interior solutions in the construction sector. We have implemented high-quality projects in Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Turkey, Japan, Bahamas and Scandinavia. Thanks to our many years’ experience, we can ensure smooth operation of the work process within the minimal time periods and with optimal costs, we are always ready to offer a competitive price with a flexible work schedule.

Work safety and enviromental protection

We pay particular attention to the safety and health of our employees. For all who contribute to our projects, we create favourable working conditions that ensure a safe environment and do not impair the health of the employees. The environmental issue is also very important to us, thus when implementing projects, we seek to preserve nature, to use its resources intelligently and rationally, thinking not only about the present but also about the future. We organise all works consciously, taking into account the surrounding environment and existing laws.

apie Maviga

apie Maviga



To discover and implement top-quality solutions with optimal costs, ensuring flexible scheduling, work safety and sustainable development.


To become a competitive company in our field, which provides only top-quality and professional services while meeting the customers’ needs and creating an attractive and safe environment for our employees.