Artiga reliable electrical installation service for projects of any size. We can design and build an electrical system from the ground up or fix and upgrade existing electric wiring. We aim to design efficient systems which meet each customer’s unique needs and our electricians are committed to delivering high-quality work.

We use the best quality materials and equipment to ensure you have a safe, stable electricity supply.

  • Cabling of HV, MV, LV, VLV, COAX, Data, Fiber OPTIC and Multicore.
  • Cable dressing, Cable testing and Connection to Instrumentation, Switchboards, Equipment, Junction boxes.
  • Assembling of compression fittings and connectors,
  • Installation and designing of cable trays,
  • Grounding of an electrical equipment,
  • Technical maintenance, Repair and Service,
  • Electrical equipment installation,
  • Production of control and distribution panels, wiring according the diagrams and installation,
  • Commissioning of the systems,
  • Electronics Solder of parts,
  • E&I (Flow Switches, measuring equipment and etc.)
  • Safety systems (Fire, Smoke, Gas detection),
  • Installation: of Indoor and Outdoor lighting system, Power system,
  • Security system installation (CCTV, alarm and access control systems, etc.)
  • Electric car charging station installation
  • Solar panel installation
  • Other