Nijburg Klimaattechniek is one of the few companies in the Netherlands who can provide all disciplines like engineering, production, installation and service and maintenance. With their 50 years of experience and expertise this family-owned business is able to engineer the total design of air transportation. Because of our good educated staff members, our international experience and our just in time deliveries we are a reliable partner for projects inside and outside the Netherlands.

From raster to raster

Nijburg Klimaattechniek can handle all kinds of projects. From small-scale projects such as housing construction till the coordination of large scale complex projects in which multiple building functions are often combined. We call this: “From raster to raster”.

Ambition Nijburg:

To tackle the problem of climate change, we have a challenging ambition;

To be CO2 positive in our operations by 2030.

Our core values are;

  • One administrative process
  • One logistic process to the construction site, what is in line with the Lean train of thought. It brings us a good overview and rest.
  • Project coordination: “From Raster to Raster”

Since when are you cooperating with Artiga?

We have known them already for a couple of years, but we started working with Artiga at the beginning of 2020.

How did you get in contact with Artiga?

We had a meeting with Artiga in the beginning of 2020. The things they said at the table they really proved it at the work site. Things like good project supervision, skilled workers, providing all the necessary materials.

How is the cooperation with Artiga?

It was very good from the beginning. We work as one team, they visit our projects and make good agreements with our own personnel. They are adding value to our company.

What do you think of Artiga?

We are happy with them, they are solving problems for us, and we can build on them.