Tomas has been working as a project manager at ARTIGA LT for some time. We are pleased with his success and, as always, we want to learn as much as possible about the positive experiences of the company’s employees.

Tell us a little about your responsibilities, projects and the challenges that you face on a daily basis?

I am currently working as a project manager and am responsible for the installation of ventilation systems in Ireland. For me, it is another huge challenge and opportunity to improve, but at the same time it’s a great responsibility.

As a project manager, I’m not only planning team’s work, but I also contribute to project’s management, work with specific computer programs and databases. Every single day is different – one day I review plans and calculate the needed resources for production, control the progress of work. The next day can be full of meetings – suppliers, customers, specialists or reviews of work that has been done on board.

How has ARTIGA LT contributed to your professional development?

The most essential thing for me is confidence and the opportunity to work with interesting foreign projects.

From the very first days, ARTIGA LT vision was to expand and establish itself in new foreign market projects. The ventilation system installation project in Ireland is the pride of our company, to which I pay great attention and contribute to its successful development.

How would you describe the working atmosphere in the company?

I admit that working in a growing, ambitious company requires a lot of energy, a quick reaction to the situation and, of course, sometimes not quite pleasant, but necessary decisions. Often, as a project manager, you need knowledge such personal qualities as diplomacy, critical thinking, or even psychology.
However, all this is redeemed by the positive microclimate of the team, competent colleagues and the freedom to implement our own ideas and constructive management decisions.